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Directions for Using First Response™ Conception Friendly Lubricant with Disposable Applicators:

1. Remove seal from tube before initial use.

2. Can be applied up to 15 minutes prior to intercourse. Applying it before intercourse allows the moisturiser to disperse throughout the vagina and allows more spontaneity for you as a couple.

3. Attach the applicator to the tube by twisting the end of the applicator firmly onto the tube.

4. Gently squeeze the tube into the applicator, and continue squeezing until the applicator is full or the desired amount is present in the applicator. Most women will choose the 2 to 3gm fill line to meet their needs. Separate the applicator from the tube. Be sure to keep the open end of the applicator upright so no product is lost. After each use, replace the cap and roll up the tube from the bottom. Do not leave the tube uncapped between uses.

5. Do not store First Response™ Conception Friendly Lubricant in the applicator more than 30 minutes prior to use. This means if you draw lubricant into the applicator but do no insert it intravaginally within 30 minutes, the unused lubricant needs to be discarded and the applicator disposed of.

6. To apply the lubricant, gently insert the applicator deep into the vagina. This can be done while standing, lying down or sitting (such as on the toilet).

7. Holding the barrel of the applicator, slowly push the plunger all the way in to release the lubricant into the vagina.

8. Remove both parts of the applicator from the vagina.

9. In order to get the right amount of moisture for your body*, bear down slightly after depositing the product. This will expel any excess lubricant that your body doesn’t need.
If desired, use a tissue to lightly wipe off any extra product that is on the vulva.

10. Discard applicators following use. DO NOT REUSE APPLICATORS.

* If this application method doesn’t provide enough moisture, we suggest you apply First Response™ Conception Friendly Lubricant inside the vagina (as shown) while lying down in bed, IMMEDIATELY before intercourse. You may also want to squeeze a small amount of First Response™ Conception Friendly Lubricant from the tube onto your (clean) fingertips, and apply directly to external genitalia. If this application method provides too much moisture for you, apply the product earlier before intercourse or apply fewer grams of the product. Also be sure to bear down to expel extra First Response™ Conception Friendly Lubricant after application, and wipe off excess product from the vulvar area. Spermicide free and mimics your own fertile fluids.6 b

Directions for using First Response™ Conception Friendly Lubricant externally:

Squeeze a small amount of lubricant (size of a 10 cent coin or teaspoon) onto your (clean) fingertips and apply to genital area. Vary amount to achieve desired lubrication. The mild ingredients require you to apply a bit more lubricant initially than you might with other products, in order to saturate the skin and provide longer lasting lubrication.